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Tjaša's Students Follow-up Activity

Page history last edited by TJAŠA MILIJAŠ 13 years, 7 months ago

1st  Activity

  • Give an example for each concept: right, not right, correct, not correct, good, not good, bad, not bad, fair, not fair, unfair, not unfair.
  • Which of these concepts would you pair as the opposites? Why - examples?
  • Finish the following sentence: I think that writing and drawing graffiti is _______________________________________, because ______________________________________________________________________________.
  •   Go to the graffiti page:  http://www.wallstalking.org/Home.mvc/Index/1. 

Choose 5 graffiti and  comment them (according to the concepts we have discussed).

  • Post a graffiti.

Comments (3)

sasa@... said

at 9:48 pm on Nov 29, 2010

Yay, lots of lovely comments have been posted today! Thanks for sharing your thoughts with the rest of us. :-) The Sweet 16 graffiti in particular attracted a lot of attention (http://www.wallstalking.org/Gallery.mvc/Item/436)... Student comments made me wonder what success really means to them - that you are rich? That you are famous? Is this it? I'll see what my group thinks about it.


at 12:12 am on Dec 6, 2010

Hello Sasa. Thank you for your support. I'm sorry I'm a bit late with the answering. Philosophy for children is the subject where students discuss different topics. In the 8th grade it is about Ethics. There is also a book with the stories and some exercises to do, but this year I find this project (grafitti) better. So we first discuss some concepts - all in Slovene (prav, ni prav, narobe, pravilno,...) and their opposites. My role is just to keep the discussion "alive" and to teach the students not to insult the others, to wait to their turn and to listen to the others, to give arguments for their statements, ... Since I have a group of 11 girls this year it is very interesting to work with them. Next week we are going to discuss the matters that you have suggested at the beginning and then the girls will go back on comments. They still have to look around for grafitti and post them.
Lots of thanks and hugs from us too, Tjaša

Angela Guy said

at 4:06 pm on Dec 9, 2010

Hi Sasa and Tjasa,
I'm new to the group... I'm wondering Tjasa,what exactly do you mean by your concepts (right, not right, correct, etc.)? Maybe I missed something, but what are the students "labeling" as right, not right, correct, etc... Thanks!


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