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I'm Tjaša Milijaš. I teach English and Philosophy for Children at the Primary school Dravlje, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

There's a group of girls from the 8th grade attending "Philosophy" and we have 35 lessons to discuss "things" called "ethics". We have just discussed "right", "wrong", "correct" ,"incorrect", "legal" ,"illegal", ... searching for the definitions, examples, answering the questions "If something is "right" - what is the opposite - "wrong" or "not right?" Do "not right" and "wrong" carry the same semantic meaning?"... and so on. We discuss these "things" in Slovene, so we'd all like to appologize for any incorrect or incorrectly used words in English. But you are welcome to join us and help us out with the discussion.


Best regards, Tjaša

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sasa@... said

at 10:39 am on Oct 28, 2010

Lovely, dear Tjaša! Is there a place where you share your discussions? I used to have a similar discussion with one of my previous groups and posted it here http://rostilj.blogspot.com/2009/05/graffiti-what-is-right-and-what-is.html - do your 8th graders agree with my ex students? Hugs from Nova Gorica

sasa@... said

at 8:56 pm on Nov 7, 2010

hej ho, Tjaša - here's a 'fresh' discussion that might be of interest to your lovely group http://wallstalking.org/Gallery.mvc/Item/438 - patriotism and nationalism and pride - you are most welcome to chime in

Angela Guy said

at 4:28 pm on Dec 9, 2010

Very interesting, as I have seen time and time again how one simple word can have a different meaning, depending on who is interpreting the word, how it is said, in what context, etc. I'm curious to learn more about the lessons or discussions you have with your students and their responses. - Angela

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