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Saša's Page

Page history last edited by sasa@... 11 years, 3 months ago

16 April

Graffiti and comments have been trickling in from here and there - in the Flickr group and on the project site. Rita and I started cooking some intercultural exchange - my class brainstormed what we know about Argentina, posted it to our Cybermill and invited Argentinians to tell us what they think of our ramblings. Rita's students are looking up Slovenia first and will then post about it inviting our feedback.

26 March

Kind of run out of time yesterday in class to introduce the graffiti idea properly to my class; we discussed the changes technology has brought in our lives over the last 20 years, focussing on photography. Most of us us use digital cameras and seem to prefer to keep photos private for one reason or another. We talked a bit about the advantages of sharing photos online, watched Photosharing in Plain English and explored Flickr Commons and Creative Commons.

Received more graffiti and also first comments at the wallstalking.org site from here and there, the flickr group has also grown to 19 members. It's interesting how photos with author's comments themselves lend themselves as cool starting points for discussions:

  • Doris's T-shirt photo showing a happy mother and son at graduation ceremony (many students in Slovenia too choose to prolong their study for a long time...)
  • Mariano's Hello Kirchner - Kirchner is Argentina's ex President and today's First Gentleman 
  • Carla's graffiti art or vandalism idea
  • my photo of PC-peace  - do PCs contribute to peace by giving us access to the big wide world out there?

I thought it would be nice to bring together the threads we spot developing here and there, so people can find the discussions more easily and contribute to them - I did this on the wiki front page for now; http://listentothewalls.pbwiki.com/FrontPage#WallsTalkingtopics will need to add the link to the project site too so it leads people to where the action is.


21 March

Mih added the comments feature to the site. So nice :-) I edited a bit the About page to update the changes which have been gradually added to the wiki - decided to change the Flickr account username I've been using for this project to wallstalking.org so I can use my other personal account when I speak in my name. It's less confusing that way I think. Yesterday I posted invite to join project to Cybermill. Set a Google alert to wallstalking and subscribed to the wallstalking Technorati feed. Found Carla's, Miha's and my posts. :-) Flickr stopped ignoring me and now shows the photos submitted by wallstalking.org even if I'm not signed in. Learnt about a great graffiti site via Nik Peachy, added it to the wiki Front page.


19 March

Graffiti started trickling in. Bili, Bee and Carla added lively, colourful pics. Flickr still ignores me though - refuses to pick up my photos and include them to the group pool. The reason is most likely the fact I've only just reached the minimum of 5 items, the required norm for flickr to start taking me seriously ;-). Bee mentioned problems with uploading to the project site... I haven't had any so far. Posted an invite on SDUTSJ blogs. Hope my Slovene colleagues respond.  Saw Carla had a similar idea about sharing graffiti, posted it to her other flickr group already 2 months ago. She also posted some interesting graffiti story to the wia yahoo group. Mih created a feed for the site. I still haven't posted the invite to my other groups. Need to do that.  


18 March

Launched the graffiti project. Created a Flickr group in the morning, tested the site Miha kindly created for this project - seems to work :-). Made this wiki public.  Posted about the project in the WiA yahoo group, on Twitter, on my personal blog. Sent invites to join the wiki to interested friends. Very happy about positive response so far. Hope to see graffiti trickling in from here and there soon. :-) Enough for today. Will post more invitations to join the project to my other groups tomorrow.

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